Reference checking is a vital part of the recruitment process and we are all aware that no matter how amazing a candidate may be on paper, and regardless of how impressive they may have been when you interviewed them, reference checking still needs to be done- as they so say rather safe than sorry.

To make this process a little easier Chameleon-i has the ability to send a reference request email from a candidate record, recording a note and a follow up in the same action.

How it’s done

Step 1

The user selects the candidate record and goes to the References tab

Step 2
On the References tab and for each of the referees there is an Email field with an email icon next to it where an email address is entered. Please note – the icon will NOT appear if the email address field is empty.

Step 3
The user clicks the email option next to the email address which will trigger the
Reference Request wizard popup.

Step 4

The email body will default to a wizard template called Wizard-Candidate Reference Request which the user can alter from the CMS tab in the Admin area if they have permission to do so.


Step 5
The wizard popup will automatically generate a Reference Request note upon completion of the wizard

Step 6.
The user can also create a follow-up/todo of the activity type Follow Up: Reference Request  by ticking the Activity tick box and setting a date and time for the follow-up


Step. 7.
To complete the action, the user can then click the button or if they want to cancel the action, click the  button at the bottom right of the popup.