What do the statistics say about social media recruiting tools?

Around three quarters of the people who are moving from one firm to another are now using sites like LinkedIn to inform their searches. Because of the vast amount of information that you can find on social media platforms, staff are 40 per cent less likely to leave a company within their first six months.

How can you reach out to potential employees?

Using InMail to communicate with candidates

InMail is the built-in messaging system on the LinkedIn platform, but experts warn against using this tool the same way in which you would use traditional email. Just like with social media posting, you need to time your action just right to get the desired results. Therefore, you should aim to send a communication between the hours of 9:00 and 10:00am on a weekday if you expect to see a response pop up in your mailbox; chasing clients at the weekend is a no-go as you are statistically less likely to get a reply.

The most successful InMail comms are those who either reference a former employer (mainly for candidates) or if you send a note to somebody who is in a group with you or following your company. Someone who is already following your company is more than 80 per cent more likely to respond to your invite than someone who is a complete stranger to your business.

Advertising small business roles using LinkedIn

In a small business, time is often restricted and budgets are tightened, so using LinkedIn can be a real benefit. LinkedIn puts you on the same platform as all those other huge companies, meaning that you do not need to fight for attention any more. You can build your profile and reputation and tap into connections in a bid to target the best talent.

Setting up a business page does not cost any money, so any company director can do this. However, it is also a good idea to encourage employees to sign up in order to help build a strong sense of community. You can use social media recruiting tools such as pay-for-performance job ads, LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiter Lite.

The importance of existing employee profiles for outsiders

As we’ve already mentioned, having a full team of employees on display on professional networks like LinkedIn enhances the appeal of a company. Not only does it increase the chances of a company getting more clicks (thanks to each individual’s own network), but the company can use this presence to show what a good place they are to work.