If you use the Vacancy Search functionality highlighted below (the magnifying glass), we are making some changes to where we store these within Chameleon-i.

Saved Vacancy Searches are currently located within the Smart Navigation panel on the left in Chameleon-i and saved below your generic Saved Searches. These Saved Vacancy Searches are going to be relocated to reside as highlighted below under their respective Vacancies.

The ‘+’ expander indicates that there is a saved search in the Smart Navigation panel.

Vacancy Search Relocating
Clicking the ‘+’ will reveal 3 nodes as highlighted above: –

  1. Run Search – this enables you to re-run the search for more candidates.
  2. Possibles – these are candidates that have been previously highlighted by the user as potentially right for this opportunity.
  3. Ignored – these are candidates from previous search results that you the user decided where not relevant for this opportunity.

Don’t forget Candidates can be moved using Drag & Drop between the Possible and Ignored baskets and also Dragged and Dropped into the Vacancy for automatic shortlisting ready to send to your client.

If you require any further information on these changes or using the Vacancy Saved search please feel free to get in touch with us on +44 (0)1483 600370.