What is web-based recruitment software?

The term recruitment software covers all applications which help professionals to source and hire new staff. The software is designed to make a better and stronger connection between client and candidate, and usually incorporates a range of important criteria like a job posts board, interview management, candidate screening, payroll, reporting, social media posting, email and diary integration.

As with most technology, systems are becoming cloud or web-based, and therefore are able to respond faster and more efficiently, which is great news for companies who want to speed up their hiring and increase their productivity when managing their existing workforce.

How can web-based recruitment software help to secure the best candidates?

Recruitment software records information about candidates and their journey within the agency, so once you have their details in your database you can engage with them, inform them of new opportunities and use all of the tools available through the software to communicate and get to know them better. But it’s not only about making your life easier. The software also offers candidates a much better experience too.

However, since it benefits you in both of these contexts, then here are a few more specific examples as to how this software could transform the way you work for the better.

Web-based recruitment software improves your productivity by saving you so much time that would otherwise have been lost. It allows you to automate tasks and spend your valuable time getting on with nurturing the best candidates and other activities that will actually make money for the business. With administrative tasks taken care of, it also makes you more efficient and prevents human error.

With integrated diaries, it helps you to better organise your calendar and puts everything in one place. This improves how you interact with candidates, which goes hand-in-hand with how well you communicate, and the increased range of communication options available through this type of software means that you will never miss a message again and your candidates will never be left wondering what’s next, keeping them informed at every step of their journey.

Finally, you can use a range of invaluable tools for recruiters to discover new potential candidates and analyse the data you already hold about individuals or groups of candidates. The Data Protection Compliance feature ensures that you are never in breach of the rules as to how you handle people’s data.

Who can use web-based recruitment software?

At the moment, it is believed that some 75% of recruiters and talent managers use this type of software, also referred to as ATS or Applicant Tracking Software.

Provided that your business has a good internet connection and standard desktop or mobile hardware, you can benefit from all of the amazing features that recruitment software can offer you.