Chameleon-i is developed by and for recruiters so you can be confident that it encompasses all of the functionality you need in an easy to use interface that runs smoothly whatever platform or device you prefer to use. It’s cloud-based, so it works wherever you do.

Six functionalities to look for in web-based recruitment software in 2021


You need to be able to promote any open positions via traditional job adverts, career-focused websites, talent sourcing communities and social media channels.

Applicant tracking

You need up-to-the-minute tracking capability in your recruitment software for the applicant workflow. This includes background checks on applicants, CV screening, assessment results and interview notes.

Recruiting analytics

We offer a dashboard that can report key performance indicators and funnel metrics in order that you can evaluate and report on performance. Key areas to look for are time to fill positions, the source of the hire and the applicant to interview ratio for each position.

Assessment and background checks pre-hire

Track all of your assessments within your web-based recruitment software – these could include personality assessments, reference and background checks, cognitive assessment and any skills tests completed.


It’s vital that every new hire receives the necessary training and orientation sessions, and we ensure that your web-based recruitment software tracks that and alerts you to any missing sessions that need to be undertaken.


To avoid any need to check multiple systems, you need integration with any recruitment tools you already use, such as LinkedIn. With teams working in remote locations for the foreseeable future, if you haven’t yet moved to web-based recruitment software, your productivity could be suffering. And even if you already have a system, are you sure that it meets your needs? How will it respond to any further challenges we may face this year?

Sharing resources seamlessly removes the need for local servers and reduces the load on personal devices needed to manage and support the applications. This could even eliminate the need for any onsite IT support when you are back in the office. Unlike traditional server and data storage, our cloud-based recruitment software is fully managed by us, and we’re always available to answer any questions.

What else can you do to ensure you select the right software for you?

– Identify the issues you are trying to improve on with your current software or manual processes. Start with your biggest pain point.
– Choose a solution that makes life easier for you and your team. If it doesn’t streamline and simplify tasks, it’s not for you.
– If it doesn’t integrate, it doesn’t work. A system that doesn’t play nicely with your other tools will never reduce workloads.
– Set a meaningful performance metric. Make sure that you can prove the return on investment during any evaluations.