One of the biggest challenges in any temporary recruitment agency is keeping track of which staff are on which placement, how long they have been there and how long they have left, in order to track availability and plan for future deployment. The main task of temporary recruitment agency software is to attempt to make sense of this ever-changing picture and provide matches for upcoming placements with the roster of available or soon-to-be available staff.

Any good recruitment agent knows that speed and accuracy of action are highly important in being able to not only supply staff to placements, but to supply the right staff with the correct skillset and experience to hit the ground running on any job they are sent to.


Chameleon-i: providing next-generation temporary recruitment agency software

Chameleon-i provides one of the most flexible solutions for running a recruitment database that is available on the market today. For companies of any size, our solutions allow for fast and safe recruitment to take place in the contract, temporary and permanent sectors.

When it comes to temporary recruitment, our Temps Module has been designed to give recruiters the power to manage temporary bookings effectively and efficiently. We know that this sector is fast-paced and sometimes there is a limited amount of time available to place someone on a job before someone else gets there.

The Temps Module gives you the ability to manage temporary shifts, booking confirmations, shift rotations, timesheet approval and billing all in the same place.

This infinitely scalable approach is great for recruitment agencies on the rise, allowing you to maintain your current practices as your organisation grows in terms of both clients and workers. The Temps Module has also been described by users as being very easy to use, along with being adaptable for organisations of all shapes and sizes.


How can the Temps Module help me?


When designing our temporary recruitment agency software, we wanted to provide a single destination solution for temp desk teams. Whilst doing so, we also wanted our software to be user-friendly because when software needs to do many different jobs, it often gets complicated.

The Temps Module contains a booking system that has drag-and-drop options, allowing you to create shifts, create and amend schedules, add or remove candidates, and create ad-hoc or emergency shifts.

Inevitably, when working in the temporary sector, shift rotation and shift patterns can become a complex web of intricate design. The shift pattern and rotation function allows complex shift patterns to be set up. This makes it easy to place people into patterns and have complete visibility of their availability at all times, reducing the amount of time that is needed to check individual calendars and leaving a lot more time to book placements.

Now that the day-to-day running is sorted, Chameleon-i still has a couple more tricks up its sleeve, with reporting functionality to allow you to monitor all activity in one place and the ability to email clients and candidates through the software.