Online recruitment software in the UK is a huge hit. Putting your recruitment process online allows applications and relevant recruitment documents to be shared through the cloud rather than saved on individual devices, meaning that more than one person can be reviewing or working on a section of the recruitment process at any one time. This allows the recruitment process to run much smoother, since it does not get held up by someone taking a day off or falling ill. Everything is accessible by everyone who needs it and not stuck on one person’s computer.

Why Online Recruitment Software in the UK?

Sharing through the cloud also allows access from anywhere – all you need is a device and an internet connection, meaning that not all work must be done in the office. It also limits the amount of paper and printed documents which are required, which is not only good for the environment but also for security as well. Since recruitment involves a lot of sensitive and personal data, when it is stored securely in the cloud the danger of it falling into the wrong hands is much more limited.

Benefits for Business of All Sizes

Small and medium-sized businesses may be concerned about the cost of online recruitment software in the UK. However, cloud-based storage is usually much more cost-effective than server storage on a business’s own premises, not to mention the space it would save. As the software is online, updates happen automatically, ensuring that users continue to receive the best service with the highest security and no hassle. The amount of storage purchased can be increased or decreased easily through the subscription as needs dictate.

How Does Using Software Streamline the Process?

Using software can automate many tasks, which will save a lot of time. These tasks can also be scheduled, allowing recruiters to focus on things such as interviewing, which cannot be carried out through the software. With everything stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere and by any member of the team, meaning that workloads can be shared and working hours and locations can be flexible. The software can also have extra features added on, such as calendars and communication tools, meaning that recruiters don’t always need to have different software running at once, therefore saving them the time of switching applications.

Who Uses Recruitment Software and What Options Are There?

Recruitment software is most useful for recruiting and staffing agencies. It is important to select the software which is right for your business, and generally there is a choice between applicant tracking software (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM). You may wish to have both. ATS provides information on how an applicant is progressing through the hiring process, whereas CRM is an automated candidate communication tool which aims to improve the candidate’s experience, making them more likely to recommend your services and return to you in the future.

Overall, online recruitment software aims to save you time and money, thus streamlining your business.