Why Use Specialist Software?

Many businesses have learnt the importance of having up-to-date software to manage their permanent employees. Agencies are beginning to see that it’s likewise important for them to have the correct software in place for managing their contractors and candidates. This software is designed to take the headache out of all areas of recruitment. It can be used to arrange shifts, improve communication and log contractors’ time. It also offers transparency for all parties. Let’s look at each of these benefits in turn.

Arrange Shifts

Correctly scheduling and organising shifts can be one of the biggest issues for any recruitment agency. The temporary recruitment agency software lets you keep track of candidates’ shifts. The system comes with a shift pattern and rotation feature, which takes the headache out of scheduling the correct staff for complex shift patterns. You can create shifts and schedules, insert ad hoc shifts as needed and easily add and remove candidates when they move on from your agency. This all means less time spent checking calendars and more placements allocated.

Improve Communication

This software gives you the option of saving a wide range of your most used templates. You can also make use of placeholders to automatically populate correspondence. These templates are available for both email and SMS, making keeping in touch with clients easy regardless of the communication method you’re using.

Templates are not the only communication benefit this software offers. The communication module keeps track of all correspondence received and sent. Correspondence is available to recruiters, clients and candidates at any time on any device. This ensures that no important information gets lost or sent to the wrong party.

Log Time

The software allows you to monitor time logs for contractors who are working on-site. The system will also accurately keep track of attendance, sickness and holiday data.

It’s easy for contractors to keep an eye of the time they’ve spent working. The software comes with a timesheet system designed to replace paper timesheets and invoices. You can easily generate accurate invoices in multiple different currencies.

Transparency for All Parties

The software offers transparency for you, your clients and your candidates. The Client/Candidate portal allows all parties to see available and filled shifts as well as shift patterns. The Temps Module also makes it easy for everyone to keep track of hours worked and pay rates.

Is Temporary Recruitment Agency Software Right for My Agency?

In a word, yes! This software is designed to be scalable so it can meet the needs of recruitment agencies regardless of their size.

In summary, you can see that this software offers you a single platform that arranges shifts, improves communication, tracks time and offers transparency for all parties. Isn’t it time for your recruitment agency to try out this software so you can see how much time you could save?

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