The role of CRM in talent acquisition

  • recruitment CRM software in the UK

Candidate and client relationship management is critical to you as a recruiter in terms of maximising your entire resourcing process. Your goal will be to increase the number of successfully placed candidates and you will want to strengthen your relationships with your candidates.

How can CRM software help?

The right recruitment CRM software in the UK can help you to increase your productivity and to handle the whole end-to-end hiring process and candidate management from one single interface. Clearly software alone is not going to fix your processes if you run your recruitment badly to start with; however, it can assist.

recruitment CRM software in the UK


You probably already use an applicant tracking system (ATS). This is a database for applicants and will be tracking their progress through any selection process. This is usually part of any compliance obligation.

The CRM is a bit different, as this is for candidates and those looking for work. It should facilitate the building of talent pools, the sourcing of candidates, and the building of relationships and meaningful partnerships with the candidates who are not yet looking, otherwise known as the passive prospects.

The ATS is therefore basically a process tool and the CRM is so much more. The CRM should be your living intelligent system and your one-stop resource for developing and utilising both passive and active candidates in the marketplace and ensuring you have a solid platform on which to build for future success.

Many experts believe that up to 80 per cent of the talent acquisition process will be carried out via CRM as opposed to ATS in the future, meaning it has so much more value to add.

Do you need a CRM?

How do you know whether you need a CRM? Here are some quick pointers:

– You are in the business of talent acquisition.
– You are using low-tech methods of mapping and finding talent and talent pools.
– You have multiple recruiters.
– You have several difficult to place roles.
– You know your current process is time-wasting and needlessly costly.
– You have lots of names in your system and you don’t have any real intelligent data or insight on them.

Nothing can beat the knowledge or expertise of a strong recruiting team that knows its markets and candidates and understand how best to present the employer brands of the clients it is working for. Nothing can beat a well-thought-out and executed recruitment process; however, a good CRM adapted to your business requirements can take you to the next level. It can help you to source a stronger and more informed talent pool and to make stronger and more suitable candidate connections. It can help you to engage with the passive candidate pool out there, thus enabling you to increase your placement numbers more effectively.

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