Why has mobile based recruitment become such a big thing? Mobile technology has taken a step up in business around the world. An increasing number of people now access the internet through a mobile device rather than through a laptop or PC, and for many people a phone or a tablet is the only access to the internet they have. Therefore, to ensure that your business is reaching as many people as possible, a mobile presence is essential.

What is mobile based recruitment?

Since more are accessing the internet through mobile technology, recruitment processes need to be mobile friendly to ensure a wide enough pool of potential candidates are being reached.

What is considered good mobile based recruitment?

If your recruitment website is optimised for use with a mobile device, it will be fast and fully functional when using Wi-Fi or mobile data. The content of the website should be easy to follow and understand, and it should be clear how the website should be navigated through a mobile device. Any software the business uses should also be mobile friendly, meaning that you can do everything on a mobile device that you would be able to do on a laptop or PC.

How is mobile based recruitment used?

Many businesses and agencies are using software to streamline their recruitment processes. There are applicant tracking software packages (ATS) which provide information on how an applicant is progressing through the recruitment process and candidate relationship management (CRM) software packages which are automated candidate communication tools that aim to improve the candidate’s experience.

For an ATS package, it is useful for staff involved in recruitment to be able to access steps in the process from anywhere. Many software packages are cloud based to facilitate this, but in order to reap the full benefits of these software packages, it is important that they can be used on a mobile device as well as on a laptop or PC. For a CRM package, since this is candidate facing, it is essential that it works seamlessly on a mobile device. This should be thoroughly tested on a regular basis and on different devices.

What are the benefits of mobile based recruitment?

Should you not be able to get into the office, it would be beneficial to be able to look up the information you need to complete assigned tasks from wherever you are, and it is likely that you will be accessing this information on a mobile device. If you are out of the office at an onsite meeting, you can access information from your phone or tablet and be able to answer questions immediately. This keeps the processes running without the hold up of you needing to go back to the office to find the answers to questions.

Your software, website and its features should work well on mobile devices, and this should be regularly tested on different types of mobile technology to ensure you are providing the best recruitment service.