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Employee recruitment software making you talent-ready

Employee recruitment software falls into the category of HR and takes care of the administration of job advertising, posting and fulfilling. It takes the pain out of the recruitment process for both employers and potential candidates.

Employee recruitment software

The process is managed from the moment the job is advertised through to reviewing CVs and interviewing. The software is able to automate the whole process saving you lots of time and effort. Having your own in-house recruitment software ultimately gives you greater control, consistency and security over your candidate and company data which may otherwise be mismanaged, disorganised and insecure.

Integrating with your other systems

Once your recruitment software is up and running and you really start to get the hang of it, you can look to expand on its functionality. Modern systems are able to integrate with other popular HR systems such as workforce payroll processing and internal training. You effectively end up with a one-stop-shop for all existing HR systems, placing both prospective, past and current employees at the centre of all your internal systems.

It is possible to approach this from another angle and look at purchasing a whole HR suite of software programs which include recruitment as part of the suite. One word of caution, however, if you are looking to buy a set of HR systems, be aware that your existing data may need to be migrated and converted and this may come at extra cost. Also consider the costs of training and managing your staff whilst they get used to a whole new set of systems. Approach with caution and introduce separate systems slowly and gradually, it will be less pain for your employees and less potential downtime for your business.

Key Features

Any good recruitment software package should contain the following:

•       A workforce planning tool which enables you to see your projections at any given time
•       A recruiting tool which should include posting the job both internally and online,  advertising and then sharing both internally and externally
•       Employee hiring, reference checking, assessments, and offering positions
•       Candidate communication including interviewing and any official identity and police checks
•       Analytical reports showing you which recruitment posts are the most effective

Cloud based web application software

It is now possible to be up and running with your new system in next to no time. Opting for one of the better known, tried and tested web based systems means that you have no initial technical setup issues and technical support from the IT company is more readily available. You can also have your system hosted by the IT company, meaning that they will look after and back up your data too. The new GDPR regulations make this a very interesting proposition as IT companies understand the rules and will already be compliant.

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Looking for Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i online recruitment software delivers a fast, secure, reliable and portable database for recruitment agencies placing permanent, contract and temporary candidates. Our database software combines best recruiting practices along with constant product innovation and advanced functionality for an affordable monthly fee.

Temps Recruitment Software?

Packed with features and designed for recruiters who have to manage temporary bookings, the Chameleon-i Temps Module is the ideal tool to navigate the fast-paced environment that comes with managing shifts and bookings. The module is infinitely scalable and is able to meet the needs of recruitment agencies of all sizes, offering lifetime use and value.

Contracts Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i’s Contractor Timesheet and Invoice module is an efficient method of producing sales and purchase invoices from timesheet data. Designed to take the place of existing paper-based timesheet systems, timesheets are presented for completion by contractors and approved online by authorised persons.