Email is an extremely useful and effective means of communication when used correctly. However, we also know that generic emails are often consigned to the trash folder or even worse labeled as spam. One of the ways to avoid this is to personalise your emails.

Statistics show that by personalizing your emails they are 26% more likely to be opened. The only snag with this is that if you want to send out bulk emails, you really don’t want to have to sit and type in the name over and over again for different recipients.

Using Placeholders when sending a bulk email from a basket

Chameleon-i now allows the user to select an email placeholder from a list of available placeholders when sending a bulk email from a basket or a vacancy shortlist.

Step 1.
Open the client/candidate basket

Step 2.
Select the Bulk Email button at the top of the basket

Step 3.
The Bulk Email Wizard popup will open

Step 4.
To add email placeholders select the Select Placeholder button to open the Placeholder popup

The Select Placeholder popup will appear

Step 5.

You can select any placeholder by clicking the button, but you should use the correct type for your emailing purposes:

Candidate emails require candidate placeholders
Client emails require client placeholders
Company emails require company placeholders
Vacancy emails require vacancy placeholders

You can only mix placeholder types if you are sending an email from within a shortlist activity wizard.

When you click the placeholder button it will populate in the email:

You can build your email and then close the Select Placeholder by clicking the x in the top right-hand corner of the popup.