Chameleon-i allows Williams Kent to remain at the top of its game

Established in 2008, Williams Kent is a recruitment consultancy specialising in HR & Reward.

As an agency that is committed to providing its clients and candidates with the highest quality expert recruitment services, Williams Kent needed recruitment software that would streamline its processes – allowing its recruitment specialists to focus on delivering an efficient and comprehensive search.

Williams Kent Director, Kevin O’Brien explains: “We have found Chameleon-i to be a perfect fit for our business model. Working with the Chameleon-i team for nearly a decade, we have seen how the product has been constantly developed, keeping up with the industry trends and allowing us to automate, search, organise, communicate, customise and evaluate our agency’s daily tasks and performance. Through its integration with our website, Chameleon-i is also able to manage all vacancies and applications – removing the need for duplication. This is a significant timesaver and one that it is vital for our agency’s high performance.”

Part of the Chameleon-i design philosophy is to be infinitely scalable, to accommodate growing recruitment agencies whilst enabling easy implementation with its users. Its success in this department is highlighted by its relationship with Williams Kent over the past nine years. Well respected in the market, the agency started out small, as most recruitment agencies do, with just three users but has more than quintupled in size to more than 16 users.

Through the Chameleon-i free training, in depth online knowledgebase and ongoing support, new staff at Williams Kent are quickly brought up to speed, meaning they can hit the ground running and get into the real task of recruiting rather than having to learn long and complicated processes.

Chameleon-i has also been able to offer specific functionality to Williams Kent in the form of its bolt-on Contract Module which has been designed to take the place of existing paper-based timesheet systems. The efficient contract recruitment software is also capable of producing sales and purchase invoices directly from time sheet data allowing for hassle-free timesheet collection and error-free invoice generation, saving Williams Kent and its clients and candidates time, effort and money.

To find out how the Chameleon-i solution can benefit your business please take advantage of our 30-day free trial or alternatively contact us on 01483 600370