The cloud is now widely used across all kinds of businesses. For the recruitment sector, the use of web based recruitment software offers a number of benefits and opportunities that companies operating in this field can’t afford to ignore.

Any time, any place, anywhere

The major advantage of any cloud system is that it isn’t tied to your office. You can access it from any location where you have an internet connection. This is great for recruiters who often meet candidates off-site in hotels or coffee shops. You can have all the information you need on roles and candidates at your fingertips and update it in real-time.

Cloud-Based Recruitment Software

No more notes

Following on from the above, web based recruitment software means there’s no need to make paper notes of meetings. You can access your system and ensure it’s up to date and your colleagues can access the latest record on a candidate straight away.

Let’s work together

Recruitment is, of course, a people-based business and using a web-based system can help when it comes to working with your colleagues, supervisors and managers. Because everyone has access to the same and most recent information – even if based in different locations – you can be sure that they have all the details needed to make decisions and offer opinions. It also means that records can be updated with comments and extra details by all members of the team.

This doesn’t only apply to people of course. Using web-based software allows you to integrate all of the tools you need to run your business, with easy exchange of relevant information between them.

Make it your own

Cloud systems allow a good deal of flexibility so that you can customise them to suit. You can give the system your own look and feel, you can also make it focus on the candidate features that you need to fill a particular role. This makes it simpler to search your database and ultimately gives you a better chance of finding the best fit for any position.

Value for money

Another significant advantage of a web-based system is the value that it offers. Traditional in-house software is inflexible and because of the way in which it’s licensed, you may end up paying for more than you need.

Using the cloud allows you to only pay for what you are actually using – usually on a monthly subscription basis – and it’s easy to expand or contract capacity according to demand. You will also get automatic upgrades to the latest version, so there’s no need to pay additional fees when a new version is released.

In addition, you will benefit from support provided by the software vendor included in your licence fee. There’s flexibility too; many cloud systems are modular, allowing you to select only the components you need.