5 Things to Know About Recruitment Tracking Systems

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Recruitment can be a complex and costly process to handle, both for businesses handling recruitment directly and agencies managing this for a range of clients. With a recruitment tracking system, things can be simplified and optimised, so here are five things to know about this type of solution.

Cloud Is King

What makes modern recruitment software services so appealing is that they run in the cloud rather than requiring users to install them locally on site-specific hardware.
recruitment tracking system
The upshot of this is that you can access and manage data from almost any device in any location, freeing you up to take charge of recruitment in a way that fits around your working life.

Furthermore, the cloud offers complete scalability, meaning add-ons and extra features can be added on the fly and prices are kept manageable regardless of the size of your operations.

Commitment Is Not Required

Another offshoot of the cloud-based nature of this type of solution is that you do not need to commit to a long-term contract but can instead implement access on a monthly basis.

This gives you the flexibility to experiment with a particular platform and see if it suits your needs, rather than having to go all-in with a package that might ultimately prove to be unworkable.

Automation Is Included

The best recruitment systems will let you manage and track large numbers of CVs from a wide range of applicants, with many of the most common tasks benefitting from a degree of automation.

For example, you can cut down your search time by grouping database entries into baskets while also using this categorisation further down the line to manage things like automatic notifications, alerts and even personalised messaging.

Email Integration Is Available

No modern software system can operate in a vacuum, and this is certainly true of recruitment tools, with the promise of comprehensive integration with mainstream email platforms making things even more efficient for users.

Whether you rely on Gmail or are still committed to MS Exchange, a modern recruitment software package will be able to help you keep track of all relevant correspondence and allow for other features such as calendar synchronisation.

Templates Save Time

Creating common documents from scratch, including formatting and layout elements, is a chore in any context, especially in recruitment, where this may be necessary more often than not.

With a cutting-edge software service you can do everything from generating CVs to conjuring up contracts using pre-made fully customisable templates that cut down on the amount of painstaking repetitive work you might otherwise be forced to endure.

So there you have it: recruitment systems based on contemporary software platforms and powered by the cloud can be a compelling choice for any company that wants to overhaul its approach to this process and bring a range of benefits to the table.

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