When you are looking for a new recruitment software database, one of the major decisions to make is whether to choose a cloud-based or in-house server based solution.

Before purchasing, take time to work out exactly what you need from your database. You may be attracted to a local server based solution because it is stored in your office and is tangible, however this option may require an update to your internal hardware infrastructure. Consider maintenance, IT support, product update frequency and access to deploy these, in conjunction with up-front costs, capital outlay and on-going charges for support, updates and perhaps even training.

An alternative sits in the cloud. Cloud based solutions offer a more instantaneous deployment method, automatic updates and subject to the users permissions 24/7 access from anywhere with an internet connection, coupled with a low monthly or annual licence fee. Cloud based systems are often based on the SaaS model, making them more flexible for your agency’s needs as you expand and develop your company.

We like to think we are a little different to a number of CRM providers, first we will not tie you into a long term contact and we operate a pay as you go scalable system. This enables you to add licenses and additional modules to the core product as and when you need. Constant innovation with instant updates means our product never sits still for long. An inclusive support and training package to make sure you are utilising Chameleon-i to the max, coupled with a friendly voice in the form of a dedicated account manager.
If you are looking to move provider then please call us to see how we can help or click here to register for a no obligation free trial no credit card required