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How to Scale Up Your Interview Schedule in mass hiring campaigns

2021-09-16T13:22:14+00:0025/08/2021|Categories: Case Studies|Tags: |

Employment agency software solutions are specifically designed for use by staffing agencies. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are two of the most popular - although there are now also some that combine both of these in one.  Employment agency challenges As an employment agency, manually dealing with candidate management is highly stressful, [...]

ATS Vs CRM-Pros & Cons

2021-08-25T12:37:47+00:0012/07/2021|Categories: Case Studies|Tags: |

Advances in digital technology have transformed the recruitment industry as radically as every other sector, enabling new efficiencies, faster responses, more agile management and a better experience for clients, candidates and recruiters. Chameleon-i has developed one of the most effective solutions on the market, which we offer as a cloud-based service incorporating a SaaS applicant tracking [...]

3 Key Features for Temporary Recruitment Software

2021-06-24T11:30:13+00:0030/05/2021|Categories: Case Studies|Tags: |

The employment market has been getting more dynamic for years, but post-lockdown it will become more dynamic than ever. Many businesses are dependent on temporary contracts, "temping" is popular and the gig economy is booming. With such a mobile workforce, HR management is crucial for the success of a contract or the liquidity of the entire [...]

The future of hiring with Chameleon-i

2020-06-05T06:58:39+00:003/06/2020|Categories: Case Studies|Tags: |

Recruitment has drastically fallen during the pandemic. Candidates have postponed their job searches and many firms have temporarily closed or reduced their services to protect their existing staff. Looking to the future, recruitment will need to restart - albeit gradually - at some point. Some businesses will already have failed to survive the financial implications of [...]

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