Keep your data clean, consistent, and complete

How accurate is your business data? You can save time and money by cleaning up your database prior to importing it into Chameleon-i.

How accurate is your business data?
Data quality is the essence of any CRM system and will help to return consistent, accurate and relevant results, although it is no small task to keep data clean and relevant for your consultants to deliver.

Taking time to clean your data is a worthwhile activity as it will save time and improve your efficiency in the long term by minimising poor data that will hold you back in using your database. We have complied some steps to help you towards insuring your data quality is of the highest quality:

Incomplete records
The first step it to look at your existing database and correct incomplete or wrong data. Recruitment data can often come from a variety of sources, so it is important to remove redundant data and merge records accordingly.

Using our quick search it is possible to find contact records with blank fields; candidates that have no CV attached and records that have badly formed email addresses that are likely to bounce.

Duplicate records
Multiple listings of contact information is often viewed as a trivial problem however eliminating any duplicates will help to remove flawed data allowing users to be more productive and efficient. By identifying and merging records that share a name, address, telephone number or other field, it will become clearer for consultants to see the contacts relevance and potential for a role, eliminating the possibility of sending multiple emails to the same person.

It is possible to search and identify duplicate records, quick search by searching on one surname, email, or mobile number.  You can then place the duplicate into a basket and identify if you wish to update records or delete the duplicates.

Importing clean and correct data
As data comes into the database it’s important to make good use of the Auto-recognition tools and the Parsed CVs list and make a point of checking and adding to the data to help protect the future integrity of the database.

Once parsed to the system CVs are automatically stored in either the Auto-recognition queue or Parsed CVs basket. This is to help with your administration and allows you to double-check the success of your data parsing, and correct any errors that may have been made as well as add to the information for each record.

A data standard policy
Often companies underestimate the size of the data quality problem and tend to look to technology to resolve the issues, whereas often the focus needs to be on the human and business related processes. It is important to educate users about data standards and practices for updating data to help standardise the information uploaded and stored within Chameleon-i.

Having accurate well maintained data will assist you with accurate searching which will save you time.  You can use a number of different ways to but by adding accurate tags and information to a record will improve your agencies efficency.