Recruitment has traditionally been seen as one of the slower sectors to adopt new technologies, although this has changed in the past decade or so. One of the most popular systems adopted by recruitment specialists is the recruitment client/candidate relationship management system (or recruitment CRM).

What exactly is a candidate relationship management system

A candidate relationship management system (CRM) is a way of digitally storing all candidate information in one central place, in a database.

What are the advantages of using a candidate relationship management system?

There are considerable advantages to using a recruitment CRM system. It provides access to marketing and prospecting data, allowing you to not only target possible candidates but also potential new clients. CRM facilitates both email and social media outreach in attracting potential clients, driving them to custom landing pages with a view to conversion. Centralised records can be updated and viewed by any relevant team member at any time. Additionally, a CRM enables contacts with both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ candidates and can help match vacancies with candidates almost instantly.

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The second key advantage is that a CRM can automate many traditionally time-consuming tasks including sending personalised communications to clients and candidates, updating records and requesting references. The data in a centralised CRM system can be segmented and clients / candidates can be filtered and sorted by any number of characteristics.

How does the Cloud fit in?

The advent of the Cloud means that many recruitment systems, including CRMs and ATSs, can now be accessible 24 x 7 x 365 from any location, and from a variety of devices.

What is CRM integration and what are the benefits?

When it comes to CRMs, modern systems can be integrated with software already in use, such as those used by sales, finance or HR. This makes things simpler and means that existing team members are more inclined to adopt them. Also, there may be scope for getting the various systems to share or exchange data with one another, reducing duplication and boosting efficiencies.

ATSs and CRMs are particularly good in terms of integration, they complement one other and extend the functionality available. When used together they enable recruitment teams to maintain contact with all clients and talent, both past and current, alerting them to opportunities that may be relevant.

As such, these recruitment systems are ideally positioned to manage relationships with clients as well as candidates. A CRM that is integrated and up to date will elevate your brand, improve internal efficiencies, and help you turn more prospects into clients.

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