Cloud-based recruitment software is gaining in popularity.

The main factors to consider when choosing a system are:

Cost/value: the key consideration for many is how much a new system will cost and, potentially, how much it could save them. It is important to assess not just how much you will be charged but what’s included in the price. Many of the subscription-based offerings will include tech support, updates, backups, etc. in the basic price. This can save money, as these things are often expensive to do internally.

Tech support – when comparing providers, you should check what level of tech support is provided, what the uptime guarantee is, if there is a maximum response time for query resolution, and what hours tech support is available (and through what channels).

Initial setup – it is worth comparing the speed and complexity of the initial setup, as this will impact on your business through downtime, training and equipment costs.

Customisation – how easy is it to customise the software to your specific needs? Are there many ‘fixed’ elements that you will need to adapt your processes to?

Scalability – how easy is it to add/remove users as employees join/leave? What happens to accounts (and the data) when they are closed/removed?

Contract termination – how easy is it to leave/switch provider? Is there a financial penalty for doing so?

Security – how safe is your data? What backups are in place? What level of encryption is used? How are updates handled?

Opting for a cloud recruitment software solution has many advantages

Access: the system is in the cloud so can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This also makes remote working easier.

Less initial outlay/equipment: cloud-based systems mean a reduced need for servers/hardware in your offices.

Lower ongoing costs: the software will tend to be sold on a subscription basis. Updates, maintenance, backups and tech support will all be included in this fixed cost, making budgeting easier and saving money.

Security/backups: cloud-based systems will be constantly backed up and copies of data kept in multiple locations to protect against loss and enable easy recovery if needed. Data is also secured via encryption.

Collaboration: a central cloud-based system makes collaboration much easier. Each team member can add notes, change ‘statuses’ and update content. The whole recruitment team can access and see the same ‘live’ information.

Customisation: many of the products available will be almost entirely customisable. This means they are able to adapt to your ways of working rather than you having to change the way you do things.

Easy implementation/transition: cloud-based software is easy to implement, and because it is customisable and intuitive, training is kept to a minimum.

Auto updates: any updates to the cloud recruitment software you use, will be carried out automatically and will not disrupt your work.