Whilst most sales roles rely on the knowledge of the sales consultant of their product and the marketplace to engage with a client and win the business, recruitment has additional challenges. Besides selling your candidates to your client, you are also tasked with selling your clients to your candidates. On some occasions, it may feel like you can only make progress when the stars are perfectly aligned.

At times, it seems like the most attention needs to be paid to the clients whilst the candidates take a back seat. This can seem natural, given that the clients are the ones paying for your services, but good candidates can be worth their weight in gold. Help in spinning these plates and keeping all parties happy can be achieved with the help of CRM systems.

recruitment CRM systems

What do Candidates Want?

A survey carried out on candidates showed that their top priority from a recruiter was communication, with 50 per cent of those interviewed naming this. Responsiveness was next on the wish list, named by 25 per cent of the candidates as their number one need from a recruiter. Putting these two facets together, timely communication will help recruiters to keep their candidates onside throughout their job search.

CRM (customer relationship management) systems can enable companies to keep track of all candidate interactions, allowing recruiters to see all the important data relating to the candidate whenever required. The survey also showed that recruiters found the best recruitment CRM systems in the UK most useful when interacting with their candidates.

The comprehensive nature of the CRM enables multiple consultants to access data held on candidates, meaning that a recruitment team can know precisely where a candidate is on their job search journey. Similarly, the automated nature of CRM enables recruiters to communicate with candidates in a quicker and easier fashion, freeing them up to complete other essential tasks.

Data-driven Analysis

The best recruitment CRM systems in the UK can help recruiters to analyse their conversion rates when it comes to placing candidates in jobs and to enhance the candidate experiences by streamlining their online presence. This ensures that the online experience for clients and candidates alike is improved, making for higher engagement rates and happier candidates and clients.

It’s in the Cloud

CRM systems can be cloud-based, enabling recruiters to access important client and candidate information on the go and no longer having to wait to get back to the office to act on a meeting that was held in the field. Many CRM systems are fully scalable to work with recruiters of all sizes, whether local or national.

As the candidate experience is at the very heart of any recruitment business, look for a CRM system that helps you to put this at the centre of all your tasks.