Now that the holidays have well and truly passed and everyone’s back at work, It’s time to really start planning about what this year holds for your agency. Most of you are probably aware that this is set to be a record year in recruitment, and the industry is continually growing at a brilliant rate. To help you capitalize on this, we’ve come up with a few resolutions to consider for your agency to help you stay ahead and reach your potential. They’re also a lot easier than¬†spending more time down the Gym!

1. A new look.

Branding and Image are two things that every agency needs. Last year 4000 new agencies were set up, so you have to ask yourself, ‘what makes me stand out from the crowd?’ If you pride yourself on the quality of work, your brand and appearance should reflect this. So have a look at your website, have a look at your competitors websites, have a look at the industry leaders websites and compare between them. Check if your website is mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and allows candidates to easily find and apply for jobs.


2. Set (and meet!) new targets.

We speak to a lot of different agencies every day, and one thing that surprisingly splits opinions is targets! Some agencies thrive on being in a target based environment, whilst others judge on what they see as opposed to whats on paper. Whether you’re target mad or not, Chameleon-i’s built in Action Reports and iDash will cater for you, as you set targets against the figures that are important to you and your staff. So if you would rather your staff were making care calls than sales calls, you can make sure that if they’re going above and beyond they get recognized. For those who want to go further, Cube19 offers an in depth look at all aspects of your business and goes one further with features like Gamification!


3. Be more organised.

How optimized is your software setup? Have you synchronized your exchange with your CRM? Is your database sending candidates information on jobs that match their requirements automatically? ¬†Chameleon-i has lots of features to help your agency become more organized. This includes (but doesn’t stop at!) Exchange Synchronization and Inbound email, Jobs by Email automailer, notes system with a number of note types and a calendar.


Chameleon-i is more than a place to store your candidate and client details. With our numerous options for website building and integration, email synchronisation, reporting and much, much more, you can be sure that Chameleon-i has everything you need.

If you would like to take a look at Chameleon-i, please contact our sales team on 01483 600370, pressing the sales options, and you can take advatage of our free demos and 30 day free trial. If you are a current user of Chameleon-i, and would like to learn more about what Chameleon-i can do for you, or to take advatage of our free weekly training sessions, please contact your Account Manager on 01483 600370, and press the Account Manager option.