It’s Office Secret Santa time again. Cue last minute gift shopping, cheesy Christmas playlists, forced smiles, and socially awkward present opening.

Don’t panic if you’ve got to buy a gift for Angela from Accounting but you’ve never even spoken a word to her.

We’ve put together a brilliant list of gift ideas for your co-workers, all for a budget of £5 or under.

There’s also an extra-special suggestion right at the end of our handy gift list, so be sure not to miss it!

1. I Love Spreadsheets Coaster

I Love Spreadsheets coaster
Excel fans (and surprisingly, there are many of them) will adore this ‘I Love Spreadsheets’ drinks coaster for £4.99. It will support any hot drink and can proudly be displayed on their desk for all to see. If you’re feeling cheeky, you can also get this for someone that moans about spreadsheets all the time…

2. Beer Pong Drinking Game

Beer pong drinking game

One for the beer fans, Prezzybox have packaged the ultimate drinking game for only £4.99. You never know, you might be able to crack it out as soon as it gets opened – providing there’s beer in the office of course. In fact, why not have a word with the party planners to make sure they’ve got beer on the list of Christmas refreshments?

3. Avocuddle Foldable Shopping Bag

Avocuddle shopping bag
If you’ve noticed your co-worker munching avocado on toast, in a salad or drinking it in a smoothie every lunchtime, chances are they will want this shopping bag. Made by Sasse & Belle, this bag is the perfect Secret Santa gift for avo-fans and is a steal at only £4.50. It folds away into a tiny avocado for extra cuteness points.

4.  Snowman Socks 

Snowman Socks
It will be easy to get your Office Secret Santa recipient into the spirit of Christmas with a pair of Christmas Snowman Socks. Complete with fluffy lining, these useful and seasonal socks can be purchased from ASOS for £4.80. They are available in UK 4-8 and UK 9-13 – just make sure you get the correct size!

5. Baileys Chocolate Selection Box

Baileys Chocolate selection boxThis delicious present is perfect for chocolate and Baileys fans. It includes milk, white, and dark chocolate truffles and you can pick it up £5 at Wilko. Why not pick yourself up a box while you’re there? This box will make a special treat for someone that has a sweet tooth.

6. Ice Hockey Game

Ice Hockey Tabletop gameThis table top Ice Hockey game is perfect for the big (competitive) kid in the office. It was reduced from £6 and is now only £5 from Superdrug. It’s small enough to fit in their drawer to be brought out every lunchtime. Add in homemade scoresheet for extra points.

7. Harry Potter Travel Mug

Harry Potter travel mugHas Gavin always spoken about Harry Potter to you at the water cooler? He’s given you a massive hint if he has! This Harry Potter travel mug from Aldi is only £3.99 and will make his morning commute to work a little happier during the darker winter months.

8. Personalised Magnet

Paperwave MagnetIf the person you’re buying a Secret Santa gift for is someone you actually care about, then why not get them a personalised magnet with a picture that means something to them? Using Paperwave, you can upload photos from Instagram, Facebook or your computer, and turn them into a magnet for only £4.95.

9. Prosecco Flavour Lip Balm

Prosecco Lip balmAt only £4.48, you can get some Prosecco flavoured lip balm. It’s a fun present for any Prosecco fan in the office and will help moisturise lips cracked from the cold. It’s got a pretty label, which makes it extra fun!

10. Ring For Tea Desk Bell

ring for tea bellWe all know the heavy tea drinkers in the office. They will love this novelty bell from Find Me A Gift. It’s only £2.49 at the moment, so you can chuck in a pack of teabags to help bulk out your Secret Santa gift.

11. Homemade Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard MugIf you fancy putting in a bit of effort, then consider creating a chalkboard mug. You only need a mug, tape, a brush and porcelain chalkboard paint. It’s a lovely idea and is something a bit special, perfect for a co-worker that you truly get on with.

12. Grow Me Christmas Tree

Grow Me Christmas treeChosen someone that loves to garden? If they have green fingers they may relish the chance to grow their own tree this Christmas. It’s only £4.50 and they can watch it get bigger if they keep it on their desk.


13. Mulled Wine Kit

Mulled Wine KitThis is a brilliant idea and another great Secret Santa gift for an office worker you actually care about. You only need a bottle of wine, muslin and a few ingredients that you probably will already have at home. Write a little handmade note and the whole office will be impressed!

14. World Lager Selection Gift Set

Word LagersWould it really be Christmas if someone wasn’t getting a World Lager Selection Gift Set? Morrisons are selling theirs for £5. If you want to get them for family and friends too, then they are currently on offer – buy 2 for £8. Bargain!

15. Scratchcards

Why not gift 5 £1 scratchcards to a co-worker? Of course, there’s always the danger they could win the jackpot and you’ll be tearing your hair out in jealousy…


And here’s a bonus present which we had to include…

16. Secret Santa Mug

I had to do secret santa mug
It’s £8.95 but if your Office Secret Santa gift limit is set at £10 then we’d definitely recommend buying this.