You can now send emails to your invoice contact from a placement record and the wizard will also record a reportable note and allow you to create a followup should you need to.

You can also attach a generated PDF invoice to the email if you need to – for more information on how to create your invoice templates or to talk to Chameleon-i about our paid for creation service, please call 01483 600370.

On the Placement record, Placement Details tab – there is a field called Contact Email

Step 1
The user opens a Placement record

Step 2

The user enters the Invoice Contact name and the Contact Email and saves the change, the record then refreshes and the email icon appears next to the Contact Email

Step 3
The user can then click the email icon to trigger the single email wizard

Step 4
When the green finish button is pressed, Chameleon-i then creates a note with the Invoice Email type (which we need to create)

The Invoice Email type should default to this:

Activity Type:     Invoice Email
Body:                   Invoice Email
Subject: Invoice Email Sent