You may be wondering about the difference between staffing and recruiting when it comes to recruitment agencies.

The terms ‘staffing’ and ‘recruiting’ are used to describe the candidate hiring process. The terms are slightly different and through this post, you will understand why.

What do Staffing and Recruiting mean?

Staffing is the process of employing workers for an organisation. The term is often in regards to short term roles. Therefore, when it comes to talking about temp agencies, the word staffing is often used.

Recruiting refers to the act of searching and attracting candidates. This term is often in regards to long term roles. During the recruitment process, agencies may be looking at both active and passive candidates.

Both staffing and recruitment agencies will use techniques to recruit candidates.

However, staffing is the deciding who is going to fill the role, and recruiting is the process of seeking candidates, with the aim of them filling the empty position.

Staffing agencies: what is the process?

Looking to help clients fill their gaps, staffing agencies provide workers.

There are a huge number of staffing agencies in the UK, each providing different industry sectors.

Candidates fill positions in different levels, in many organisations. Staffing includes the act of finding, employing, and retaining people for these organisations.

In order to provide the right candidates for the right positions, the screening will occur with the help of recruitment software.

The details of candidates, clients and vacancies are recorded. It is quick and easy to find out important information such as:

  • Location
  • Placement
  • Payment
  • Screening
  • Communication

Recruiting agencies: what is the process?

Recruitment agencies also provide candidates to help candidates fill their gaps.

Hunting and gathering suitable workers requires activities such as job board posting, social recruiting, and researching.

When applicants have applied for the position, recruiters will decide whether a candidate is suitable.

The difference between Staffing and Recruiting

Although recruiting is a process used when staffing, staffing refers to the steps which are needed in order to employ and fill a position.

This includes finding, employing, compensating and retaining people.

Recruiting is the process of hunting candidates and encouraging them to apply for an open role.

Staffing can be looked at as a continuous process, as the people involved often are temporary and contract workers.

Often needs-based, staffing is suitable for situations where a company needs to be reactive and efficient, for example, a part-time developer, or bookkeeper.

Recruiting takes place in the beginning stages – it begins with candidate searching and ends with the business receiving applications.

In both processes, picking suitable software is an important factor in recruiters doing a good job.

A handy infographic

Here’s a helpful infographic to help summarise the differences between staffing and recruiting. Enjoy!

Staffing and recruiting guide

We hope this article helps you to understand more about these two important terms. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.