What is an ATS?

The acronym ATS stands for Applicant Tracking Software, a method of automating recruitment and staffing operations. This is a program dedicated to making the recruitment process easier for potential employers, by condensing the vast array of applicant information into bite-size pieces and making the data easier to digest.

Applicant Tracking Software can increase the productivity levels of recruitment staff by reducing the administrative workload, as well as provide an easy way for the client to communicate with applicants. There are some ATS programs that can produce analytics to allow users to measure staff output.

Why ATS is preferred when recruiting employees?

There are a number of benefits to using an Applicant Tracking Software, as a recruiting business. These include:

– Reducing time when recruiting

The time taken to process a potential employee’s application is drastically reduced when an ATS is used, thanks to the streamlined process. You can search for and select the right candidate for you in an instant, making it possible to view the data required quickly and in turn affecting the speed of your solutions. Interviews can then be booked with the right candidate within a short period of time.

– Integral organisation

All of your recruitment work will be housed in one place, meaning your filing and storage becomes a more organised collection, easier to navigate and utilise. A recruitment tracking system includes extra features which make the recruiting process easier, including the integration of your emails and diary systems. With all of your candidate and vacancy information within one place, your staff can find what they are looking for without fuss.

With the recruitment tracking system, you are able to track where an applicant is in the process of application, keeping it as transparent as possible for both applicant and recruitment company.

Extra features of the recruitment tracking system

With the use of a recruitment tracking system, you are making life easier for your recruitment staff as well as benefiting from bonus features supplied by the software:

– Vacancy posting

The available vacancies of your clients will be uploaded with ease to a number of job advertising websites, like Spotajob and similar online job boards.

– Recruitment analysis

While you know your staff will be working to the best of their abilities, it can be extremely useful to be able to track their progress, helping you target specific areas and busy traffic

– Integration of diaries and emails

Collate your scheduled events, availability and interview dates with your email data in to centralise your records.

– Bespoke company system

The ATS can be tailored to suit your own company’s needs according to size and specifications. User-friendly and easy to use, it can make recruitment administrative tasks a simpler process.

Give your business and staff the advantage of an integrated easy-to-use system to increase productivity and improve client relations.