Recruitment CRM software is enabling agencies to transform work, offering better talent matches and choice to both workers and employers.

The nature of work is changing. More work assignments than ever are on a temporary or contract basis. Although the press at times has misrepresented this to imply less security in the job market, the experience for many workers is the reverse. Temporary assignments provide broader experience, permanent opportunities, opportunities to vet employers and welcome breaks. For employers it means labour can be scaled to workload, reducing the overheads of project-based contracts, and similar opportunities to identify ideal permanent staff.

Achieving this more dynamic work pattern is no simple matter. Outside of an organised agency structure, an attempt to operate in this way would be an overwhelming burden on in-house HR departments and often fall foul of employment legislation. Smarter recruitment CRM software is allowing work agencies to rise to this challenge – matching workers to work with speed and precision. By the same token, many candidates are provided with almost perpetual employment through opportunities to move seamlessly from contract to contract, or integrate work with other priorities such as college or family commitments.

Recuitment CRM Software

How it works

As with other kinds of CRM software, the engine under the hood is a powerful and flexible database. The platform is then equipped with a variety of integrated enhancements focusing on analytics, communications, procedural controls, payroll and statutory compliance.

So far so good, but to support an agency operation the software addresses additional unique requirements. One distinction with CRM used in other industries is that both employers and employees are customers, with an intelligent matching engine integrating the two. Payroll and accounting systems need to accommodate both agency and client requirements, as do codes of practice that may apply differently to each. Headhunting strategies often involve integration with additional third parties like advertising outlets and social media.

With traditional industries an ever smaller part of the economy, the digital revolution has reached the employment market at the right moment. Without a powerful software suite behind it, recruiters will find themselves out of their depth in this new dynamic marketplace.


Recruitment suites (like Chameleoni) offer agencies rapid affordable solutions. There is no need for “setup” charges and expensive induction programs. The whole point of such programs is to relieve agencies of costs and labour, not add to them, so resources are Cloud-hosted where they are privacy protected and updated by the provider.

Agencies can tailor it with additional features when they are familiar with its power and potential. Reporting and management tools provide measures of agency and client performance in real-time.

Solutions that are normally pre-integrated include SMS, IP telephony, vacancy posting, CV-generation and candidate registration modules. The system can be linked directly to your existing website, providing portals for job offers, communications, appointment making and time-sheet submissions. Existing diaries and email systems can be ported in seamlessly.

Recruitment CRM is a revelation for some agencies, but a revolution for society at large.