Product Updates

The dev team has been hard at work to bring you some more product updates to streamline your working day. Within the Candidate records in the System Information tab, two new fields have been added. These fields are Terms of Use Accepted and Terms of Use Denied. On the date, the Candidate either accepts/denies the terms sent to them via email these fields will update. You can also select the date from the calendar picker manually if needed.

As with most of our fields in Chameleon-i, this is also fully searchable. In the Candidate search grid, just select either one of these from the drop-down and enter a date range.

Click here for more information on Terms of Use.

Read Rates

We have now made it quicker to select rates from previous Placements with our new Action. When you are in a Placement record and need the rates from a previous one, you can now select this option from the Actions drop-down.

From here you can select previous placements of the same type with either the same Company, Client, or Candidate (or all). You can then select which rate you would like to apply to your Placement.

Click here for more on Read Rates.

Availability Tab

You can now take full advantage of the Availability tab within Candidate records. By using this tab, and filling out when a Candidate is available, your Placements are easier than ever.

If a Candidate is not available and you are placing them, a warning message will come up to let you know. This way you can always go back possibly reassign a new Candidate to the Placement.

Radial Searches

When running radial searches, the distance column will always be returned. With the update to the radial searches, distances will be returned in descending value.

Word Merge Processor

There has been an addition to the Word Merge pop to keep all of your documents in one place. When you run the Word Merge, you can save the document to your Attached Files straight away. This means no downloading to your computer first to reupload to the Attached Files.

Placement Email Wizards

You can now set up your own email templates for different types of Placements. You can set these up for both Candidates and Clients to save having to write out new emails each time for each Placement that you make.

Click here to find out more about these Placement wizards.