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Application tracking software

The Key Benefits of Online Application Tracking.

A job application can be a fairly lengthy process these days, even from the point of view of a recruitment agent putting candidates forward for a position with an employer. For the candidate, it can also be a situation where waiting without knowing where in the process their application is can be frustrating. An applicant tracking system software allows an application to be followed online through the workflow relevant to the vacancy in question, which means both agents and candidates always know what is going on.
Save Time and Get Better Candidate Satisfaction

A good agent aims to keep their candidates up to date on things, but it can be hard to do this in the time you have available when you are working with a number of candidates on a number of vacancies. This can mean candidates you don’t have any major news for, or who have been rejected early in the application process, don’t get contacted as a priority, and can be left feeling neglected or even forgetting about their application amid the others they’ve made. They might contact you for updates all the time if they are the proactive type, or they might simply develop a negative impression of your service – neither of which is good for you or your agency.

By keeping track of every application and its current status online, you can now offer a way for candidates to find information for themselves, but also ensure you can always find out quickly what they want to know if they contact you for an update on their application.

Applicant tracking system software can therefore cut down on enquiries, and make sure that those you do get are easy to handle fast – and all without a drop in candidate satisfaction.

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