Discover Application Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software (also known as an ATS) is a software that helps automate recruiting and staffing operations.

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What is Applicant Tracking Software?

Most Applicant Tracking Softwares offer basic data processing, as well as applicant communication. Some offer analytics so that you can measure how well your staff are doing.

Above all, these systems help to speed up recruitment.

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How can an applicant tracking system help me?

An ATS can help recruiters:

1. Save time 

  • find applicants quickly
  • gather candidate information fast
  • make quicker business decisions
  • streamline interview booking

2. Be organised

Recruiting data includes information such as a Curriculum Vitae and applicant information.

Applicant Tracking Software helps to bring all these forms of data into one place.

It also allows the recruiter to know where in the process a candidates application is.

With the recruiter storing candidate information, a relationship can be built, shown and found at a moment’s notice.

Applicant tracking system software allows an application to be followed step-by-step online, meaning that both agents and candidates always know what is going on.

What else can an ATS do?

It’s useful to have a system that has extra features for you to use. These may include:

Ideally, your ATS is:

  • user-friendly
  • suits your business needs
  • budget-friendly

What should you look out for when choosing an Applicant Tracking Software?

It’s important to find an ATS that suits your business.

Built-in search is important as it enables recruiters to find candidates quickly.

Calendar and communication integration makes it easier for recruiters to organise their time, and view candidate relationships.

Reporting tools allow recruiters to monitor their staff and their own performance. Reports can help you

Ease of use is important when choosing an ATS. Recruiters and admin must be able to make sense of the software and be able to use it across different devices.

Size matters – smaller agencies may not need the same amount of features as a larger agency.

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