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Find out all the latest information and news on Chameleon-i’s recruitment software. This is a great place to keep up to date on all we have to offer – you never know when we’ll have an update to share with you! If you would like to know information on our software, please contact us.

What are the Top Recruitment Trends to Look Out for?

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Many new trends in the recruitment industry involve innovations in software solutions. New advances in software are enabling recruiters to function efficiently and effectively, recruiting and placing more candidates, which leads to a more productive and profitable business. New trends in software involve cloud-based solutions, temporary, contract and permanent recruitment desks, website integration, GDPR compliance tools, [...]

How the Hiring System Is Changing with Time?

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Times are changing. Like it or hate it, we have to change with it. In the last 20 years technology has transformed how work is done - from international finance down to checkout tills at Sainsbury’s. Regulation has accelerated almost as much, complicating everything from futures trading to how detergents are arranged in a cleaner’s cupboard. [...]

How Temporary Staffing Software Helps in Recruitment Workflows?

2019-09-30T07:22:31+00:0020/08/2019|Categories: Our Software|Tags: |

The world of employment is changing. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the growth of the temporary sector. Temporary Recruitment Is on the Rise Some experts predict that the increase in demand for temporary workers is going to continue unabated. In fact, reports suggest that up to 25% of global workers will be employed [...]

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Looking for Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i online recruitment software delivers a fast, secure, reliable and portable database for recruitment agencies placing permanent, contract and temporary candidates. Our database software combines best recruiting practices along with constant product innovation and advanced functionality for an affordable monthly fee.

Temps Recruitment Software?

Packed with features and designed for recruiters who have to manage temporary bookings, the Chameleon-i Temps Module is the ideal tool to navigate the fast-paced environment that comes with managing shifts and bookings. The module is infinitely scalable and is able to meet the needs of recruitment agencies of all sizes, offering lifetime use and value.

Contracts Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i’s Contractor Timesheet and Invoice module is an efficient method of producing sales and purchase invoices from timesheet data. Designed to take the place of existing paper-based timesheet systems, timesheets are presented for completion by contractors and approved online by authorised persons.