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Searching For Duplicates

We have just released an update to our data cleansing tools. Chameleon-i enables you to search your client and candidate database for missed duplicates based on either their Full Name, Email address or a Mobile Number as criteria. Simply Press the new ‘Get Duplicates’ button in the client or candidate grid to open the search…

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2-Part SMS Services

Want to send single SMS text messages or bulk SMS text messages directly through Chameleon-i? You can, we have partnered with Icetrak to offer this discreet but effective type of communication. 2 Part Messaging Tradionally text messages have had a charactor limit of 160, now with Icetraks 2 Part service you can send extended text messages…

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Recording Offer Details in the Offer Action

When an offer is made, the Offer Action Wizard now allows you to record the offer details as part of the action. You can also record the potential fee and offer information whilst completing the Offer action. Once you’ve selected the Offer Action in the candidate shortlist, click the new ‘Offer/Note Txt’ Button. and complete…

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Tags Update

We have released a couple of product updates within the Chameleon-i tagging system. Tag Search. A new search function has been released enabling you to quickly search/filter your tags removing the need to look manually. The search works across all 3 tag tiers. You will need to expand the tiers by pressing the + icon…

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Shortlist Update

Vacancies – The Shortlist Status You can now specify and view the Shortlist Status of your candidates per vacancy, via the Shortlist tab in Vacancy records. In the Status column you have a drop down list associated with each candidate. By default we have set the options to WF CA (Waiting for Candidate) and WF…

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New Baskets Update

A New tab in Chameleon-i records now shows the baskets a record is currently in for easy reference. The tab lists all company baskets and orders them displaying baskets the record resides in first. The grid shows a list of the basket names, the number of records in the basket and who is the basket…

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Job Aggregator Users

If you use Broadbean, Idibu or Recruitive to post your vacancies to job boards and to collect and process applicants back in to your Chameleon-i database, then these small additions will be of help to you! We have added a ‘Last Polled’ field in the vacancy record so you can see when we last polled…

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System Update: Merging of records

Did you know you can merge records in Chameleon-i? We have recently updated the merge records feature to include all previous Vacancies, Shortlists and Placements that the Candidate record was associated with so all hostorical activity is merged into a single record. To merge records, you will need the “Contact ID” of the two records…

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Saved Vacancy Searches Update

If you use the Vacancy Search functionality highlighted below (the magnifying glass), we are making some changes to where we store these within Chameleon-i. Saved Vacancy Searches are currently located within the Smart Navigation panel on the left in Chameleon-i and saved below your generic Saved Searches. These Saved Vacancy Searches are going to be…

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Reposting Vacancies to Chameleon-i Integrated Websites

If you have an integrated website solution with Chameleon-i be it a Bespoke, Template or Blueprint site or one of our integration options – iFrames, the WordPress Plugin or our API you will be aware that all vacancies have an expiry date set when you create them. This functionality automatically removes the vacancy from your…

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