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5 Advantages of Using Recruitment Applicant Tracking Systems

2020-09-15T11:23:24+00:0014/09/2020|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

Recruitment teams all over the world thanked the day when the first applicant tracking systems were developed, and they continued to give thanks to this day. Why? - Because recruitment applicant tracking systems remove a lot of the mundane aspects of recruitment and make them more efficient. A Recruitment Applicant Tracking System Saves You Time We [...]

Factors Influencing the Choice of Cloud Recruitment Software

2020-09-15T10:27:14+00:0028/08/2020|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

Cloud-based recruitment software is gaining in popularity. The main factors to consider when choosing a system are: Cost/value: the key consideration for many is how much a new system will cost and, potentially, how much it could save them. It is important to assess not just how much you will be charged but what's included in [...]

How Does a Cloud-Based Applicant Tracking System Work to Optimise the Recruitment Process?

2020-09-15T10:17:55+00:0021/08/2020|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

Cloud-based applicant tracking systems (ATSs) are an essential tool for modern HR teams and recruiting agencies. It provides a database for storing applicant data and job details and a suite of useful tools to streamline every step of the recruitment process. And it centralises all resources necessary for application management and administration. There are myriad ways [...]

Streamline the Staffing Process with the Best Online Recruitment Software

2020-09-14T13:38:24+00:0014/08/2020|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: , |

Online recruitment software in the UK is a huge hit. Putting your recruitment process online allows applications and relevant recruitment documents to be shared through the cloud rather than saved on individual devices, meaning that more than one person can be reviewing or working on a section of the recruitment process at any one time. This [...]

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