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An Integrated Approach to Facebook Recruiting

2021-10-22T11:34:03+00:0022/09/2021|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

Social media platforms including Facebook allow businesses to recruit high-quality candidates that they otherwise would have struggled to reach through traditional hiring methods. But before we dive into some of the social media recruiting tools on offer, here are a few reasons why Facebook should play a key role in your hiring process.   Why should [...]

How to disentangle your recruiting and staffing teams from red tape?

2021-10-22T11:10:40+00:0012/09/2021|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

In today's highly competitive world, access to the finest talent is more important than ever. But it can be extremely challenging for recruiters to deliver a superior service to their clients, especially with the amount of regulation now involved. Where agencies are still operating on legacy systems, this challenge only intensifies, as workflows remain inefficient, process [...]

How application engagement can be optimised within recruitment technology

2021-09-16T13:01:20+00:0016/08/2021|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

The journey of candidates through the recruitment process depends upon their continued engagement - from before they even apply through to long after they have made their application. One of the many benefits of recruiting technologies is that they can help facilitate improved engagement, making the overall experience better using recruitment technology to manage relationships between recruiter and candidate. Harnessing the benefits of recruiting [...]

The Feasibility of Interview & Submission Process Optimisation via Recruitment Tools

2021-09-16T12:53:56+00:005/08/2021|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

As anybody who works in recruitment will tell you, it's a fast-paced field with plenty of challenges. From finding and attracting the best talent, to processing applications and checking CVs, there is plenty of work involved. And with organisations growing ever more aware of metrics such as "time to hire" and "cost per hire", it's become [...]

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