Handling Too Many Applicants: Part 2 – Solutions

2024-04-29T12:01:06+00:0029/04/2024|Categories: Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruitment Articles|

So, you've followed the proactive measures outlined in Part 1 of our series, "Handling Too Many Applicants," but despite your best efforts, you find yourself inundated with a flood of resumes. Don't panic! In this sequel article, we'll explore actionable solutions for efficiently managing an influx of applicants and navigating the recruitment maze with confidence. Streamlining [...]

Should you Grant the Hiring Manager Access to your ATS?

2024-01-03T13:53:38+00:003/01/2024|Categories: Applicant Tracking Systems|Tags: , , |

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have evolved into invaluable tools for streamlining operations and making well-informed hiring decisions. However, within recruitment agencies, a significant question often arises: Should recruitment agencies grant access to their own ATS to their clients? In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of this [...]

Teacher Shortage in the UK: Opportunity for Recruitment Agencies

2023-05-31T17:59:11+00:0031/05/2023|Categories: Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruitment Agency Marketing, temporary recruitment software|

The UK is facing a serious teacher shortage crisis. Schools are struggling to fill vacancies and students suffering as a result. However, this predicament presents an opportunity for recruitment agencies to make a real difference in the education sector. Recruitment agencies can provide top-quality candidates to schools searching for new teachers. Thus, playing a vital role [...]

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