Does Recruitment CRM Integration Play a Role in Sourcing New Clients?

2021-12-10T12:53:16+00:0020/10/2021|Categories: candidate relationship management system, Recruiting Tools|Tags: , |

Recruitment has traditionally been seen as one of the slower sectors to adopt new technologies, although this has changed in the past decade or so. One of the most popular systems adopted by recruitment specialists is the recruitment client/candidate relationship management system (or recruitment CRM). What exactly is a candidate relationship management system A candidate relationship [...]

Five Key Benefits of using Text Recruiting Software

2021-12-10T12:54:52+00:0018/10/2021|Categories: Recruiting Tools|Tags: , |

In many industries, the hiring process has become a slow and bloated beast. The proliferation of expert advice on how to screen candidates and conduct interviews, although given in good faith, has turned what should be a dynamic and positive exercise into a bureaucratic logjam. Time, resources and money are often wasted on creating an experience [...]

Three Unique Features of LinkedIn Recruiter for Candidates

2021-12-10T13:32:31+00:008/10/2021|Categories: Recruiting Tools, Social Media Recruiting Tools|Tags: , |

Tens of thousands of businesses leverage the power of LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates to fill vacancies within their teams. In addition to being the leading professional social network, LinkedIn has valuable tools designed to help recruitment teams streamline their hiring process. What is LinkedIn Recruiter? LinkedIn Recruiter is a robust tool that makes the process [...]

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