Chameleon-i Fair Usage Policy

We don’t like to be authoritarian in your use of Chameleon-i. We like to provide a terrific service at a great price to enable you to run your recruitment business successfully and without interruption.

So, we don’t impose hard limits on the amount you use Chameleon-i. Its available 365/24/7, log on as much as you like, press as many buttons as you like and use our help line as much as you like. It’s all part of the service.

However, we’d like you to be fair back. We like you to be reasonable when it comes to the amount of data we store for you, and the frequency you hit out automated services. Again, we have no hard and fast rules here and we aren’t going to turn you off immediately if you hit a limit, we’ll call and talk to you about it and discuss the options we have based on a sensible discussion.

To provide some guidelines, we have produced the following numbers so that you know what we think is fair. In each case the numbers are on a per user basis, so if you have 10 users on your account then you can multiply all of these figures by 10.

Database Record Storage
The number of companies, clients, candidates, vacancies, and placements you have stored. We think 12,000 individual records is fair.

The number of notes records you have stored. We think 40,000 is fair

CV and attached file storage.
The total number of CV’s and attached files stored. We apply an average file size of 100Kb and think 20,000 individual documents is fair.

Email Storage
You can send as many emails a day as you like from Chameleon-i subject to your ISP sending limits, we will store these for you. We think a fair storage number is 50,000 emails.

If you use our exchange or Gmail synchronisation service, then we store copies of inbound and outbound emails. In this case we think a fair number is 100,000 emails.

If you use our Inbound service, then we store copies of your inbound emails only. In this case we think a fair number is 50,000 emails.

CV Auto Rec Queue

We love trying to work out who your CV’s belong to and you can throw as many as you like at out servers manually, we don’t love it so much when this process is automated, so we think a fair use here is 200 CV’s per day.