Why your recruitment agency needs a mobile app.

Registration and Onboarding

Ensure you have all of your candidate’s important registration details and documents before they start working.

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Upload photos
  • Upload documentation including right to work details
Registration & Onboarding
Job Search & Example Job details

Push messaging

Connect to your candidates anytime anywhere. Send push notifications to alert your candidates of new vacancies and shifts as soon as they become available.

  • 2-way real-time communications
  • Promote your latest vacancies
  • Receive instant notifications for shift interest

Your latest vacancies integrated

Publish your latest vacancies in seconds, link your vacancies to current integrate website or our instant vacancy pages and let candidates apply direct.

Job Search & Example Job details
Job Search & Example Job details

Candidate Availability

Collect candidate availability for the week or month ahead making it easier fill temporary shifts. Automate notifications to candidates when they are booked out to work.

Online Timesheets

Reduce wasted time and resources by collecting timesheets online, have them approved by your client and sent back instantly

Instant Check In and Check Out

Confirm shift attendence with One Click Checkin/Checkout features.

Simple and Efficent Signable documents

Collect declarations, contracts or agreements straight away with a swipe of your candidates finger. Electronically signed documents on the go..