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How does electronic recruitment take care of your hiring needs?

2021-02-09T09:18:13+00:004/01/2021|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

Businesses are increasingly moving all their work online. The spread of Covid-19 over the course of 2020 has seen increasing numbers of employees working from home. It’s also becoming increasingly common for managers to conduct interviews online. With this being the case, isn’t it time for businesses to consider moving every stage of the recruitment process [...]

Five Reasons Recruiters Prefer Social Media Recruiting Tools

2020-11-06T07:17:38+00:006/11/2020|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

Increase in demand and use of social media recruiting tools Social media use has become increasingly popular in society in recent years with over half the world now estimated to be using social media and social networks. Sites and apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become part of our daily lives so it’s no [...]

Why ATS is Preferred in Employees’ Recruitment?

2020-11-06T07:20:56+00:0030/10/2020|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: |

What is an ATS? The acronym ATS stands for Applicant Tracking Software, a method of automating recruitment and staffing operations. This is a program dedicated to making the recruitment process easier for potential employers, by condensing the vast array of applicant information into bite-size pieces and making the data easier to digest. Applicant Tracking Software can [...]

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