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Three Things to Avoid When Recruiting New Staff

Overly Long Interview Processes You probably have clients who insist on making candidates jump through a lot of hoops, with interview processes that require them to keep on going back to meet with just about every head of department and sometimes even other things like written tests. You therefore probably know first hand how frustrating…

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How Technology Has Aided Recruitment

Here are some of the ways recruitment has been helped by technology: Social Media Has Created More Honesty and Transparency There was a time when you’d have to either trust that a candidate was telling the truth, do some serious detective work, or get references to back up their work history claims. However, thanks to…

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Avoid Wasting Time on ‘Off the Market’ Candidates

This is something you do all the time, and you know it is a numbers game – of the people who haven’t specifically applied for this position, the vast majority of the people you email or try and call won’t be suitable or available, but somewhere in your various networks is the person you are…

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Why Recruiters Should Be Making Full Use of Social Media

Social media use now transcends age, with millennials being far from the only people checking their social media accounts persistently throughout the day. This makes social media very important for marketing for any kind of business, but for recruitment agencies, it can be an even more useful tool. Here are some of the reasons why…

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Could Your Agency Survive a Disaster?

Disasters Scale with Your Business The smaller your business is, the smaller something that could count as a disaster in relative terms could be. For a one man operation, without the right risk management in place even something as seemingly trivial (and common) as having your phone stolen, or your laptop breaking down and losing…

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Chameleon-i Integrated Partners – Hirabl

We are pleased to announce that our partner service “Fee Catcher” has now changed it name to Hirabl (pronounced “hire-able”). They now do much more than “catching fees” now. Thus, HIRABL – a data service that accelerates revenue by catching backdoor hires, identifying new sales opportunities, and grows revenue. Spread the word! Did you know…

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How Well Do Your Candidate Searches Really Match the Jobs?

However, when people get comically irrelevant jobs emailed to them by recruiters, they tend to notice, and may well regard sending them as incompetence on the recruiter’s part. If they’re irrelevant enough to be interesting, they may even tell their friends, spreading the embarrassment for the recruiter who made the mistake. Take my friend Mike,…

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