Three Things to Avoid When Recruiting New Staff

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When you are a recruitment agency, you know far more about hiring, interviewing and evaluating candidates than the average business, however there are still some mistakes you can make when it comes to hiring your own recruits. When you are recruiting for recruiters, you are usually dealing with people who also know recruitment very well, so [...]

Why It’s Important to Advertise Your Business in Your Recruitment Pitches

2018-04-10T19:49:57+00:00 12/05/2016|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: , |

When you start talking to potential candidates about a vacancy you have just started trying to recruit for, chances are most of the people you speak to didn't apply for the role or if they did, they did so through a site like JobServe, without explicitly knowing the agency the job was posted by. Some of [...]

How Technology Has Aided Recruitment

2018-04-10T19:48:48+00:00 11/05/2016|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: , , |

Recruitment is an industry almost as old as employment itself, it is one that has benefitted significantly from the technological advancements of the 'information age' – or 'the last two decades' if we're going to use a less cheesy term for it. Because recruitment is all about people, the changes new technology has made to how [...]

Avoid Wasting Time on ‘Off the Market’ Candidates

2018-04-10T19:47:29+00:00 10/05/2016|Categories: Recruitment Articles|Tags: , , |

So, a client has just given confirmation that you can go ahead and start looking for candidates for a nice position. It's time to start finding people who look like they might fit the bill. You have a recruitment database full of information about different people, which you can trawl to look for relevant people, and [...]

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