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GDPR- What recruitment agencies should be looking at

In the second of our GDPR webinars, we looked at some of the key points that you and your recruitment agencies need to be looking at in preparation for the 2018 GDPR implementation. If you missed the webinar or would like to listen to it again you can do so here.   GDPR – What…

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Invoice with ease directly from the placement record

You can now send emails to your invoice contact from a placement record and the wizard will also record a reportable note and allow you to create a followup should you need to. You can also attach a generated PDF invoice to the email if you need to – for more information on how to…

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No more copy and paste, just use SMS placeholders

There is now an SMS placeholder picker button in the SMS texts functionality that allows you to populate your single texts with information from your client/candidate records. You can also create SMS templates from the Admin area, for bulk texts We would advise that if you are going to use bulk SMS texts, that you…

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See your candidates progress at a glance

The vacancy status column in the vacancy grid allows you to see at a glance how far along in the shortlisting process your candidates are without having to open the record. Using the search facility in the grid also allows you to view vacancies at particular stages – so you can group your results if…

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New Creator Fields Make Tracking Records a Breeze

Keeping your records in order is a chore that we know you really don’t need. To make candidate record tracking easier Chameleon-i has now released Creator Fields for  Candidate, Client, Company, Placement and Vacancy records. This is a great feature for agencies where several consultants may have been involved with a specific client or candidate or…

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GDPR – Things to Check (part 2)

With GDPR now just months away, there is obviously much discussion, concern and general rumour doing the rounds. To help you with your preparations we have compiled a checklist of the things that you should be looking at. Lawful basis for processing personal data To make certain your business is able to comply with GDPR…

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Sending a reference request email from the Candidate Record

Reference checking is a vital part of the recruitment process and we are all aware that no matter how amazing a candidate may be on paper, and regardless of how impressive they may have been when you interviewed them, reference checking still needs to be done- as they so say rather safe than sorry. To…

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Use placeholders to personalise your bulk emails

Email is an extremely useful and effective means of communication when used correctly. However, we also know that generic emails are often consigned to the trash folder or even worse labeled as spam. One of the ways to avoid this is to personalise your emails. Statistics show that by personalizing your emails they are 26% more likely to be…

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