Grow Faster with Data-Driven Recruitment Process

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In the past, the recruitment process involved placing adverts where you thought they might be seen by the exact candidates, manually sifting through applications, and then picking an employee based on their performance at interview, driven by gut feeling. As a result, it means that all too often, making a good hiring decision was dependent on [...]

Temporary software – One of the Standardised Options in Online Hiring

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Recruiting staff in a hurry can often prove tricky - especially if various people from across the organizational hierarchy have to get involved. One thing that can help is implementing an ATS system that is able to do a lot of the heavy-lifting for you and line you up with just a few high-quality candidates in [...]

Streamline and Simplify Your Temporary Recruiting with Chameleon-i

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One of the biggest challenges in any temporary recruitment agency is keeping track of which staff are on which placement, how long they have been there and how long they have left, in order to track availability and plan for future deployment. The main task of temporary recruitment agency software is to attempt to make sense [...]

Temporary Recruitment Software – Update Crucial Candidate Information Seamlessly

2021-05-17T14:32:04+00:0020/03/2021|Categories: temporary recruitment software|Tags: |

As the world moves online for more and more business functions, software to help with each of these becomes available. If software helps with your accounts, stock-taking and logistics, why wouldn't you use temporary recruitment software for temporary staffing too? What Can Recruitment Software Do for Businesses? If you have ever needed a temporary member of staff [...]

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