Good software will automate the recruitment process and simplify it to enable a recruiter to attract, engage with and ultimately employ the best people quickly. The software is fully optimised and it allows recruiters to better engage with and manage relationships with candidates and clients more effectively.

A recruiter has to get business done swiftly and that means everything from sourcing the job vacancy to promoting it to as many of the target candidate pool as possible. Then they are tasked with finding the perfect candidate which is a difficult and arduous task. There are so many challenges along the way and employment agency software bridges that gap and enables the process to be smooth and minimises the risk of any errors.

Search for the right candidate swiftly

Clients will want their vacancies filled in a timely manner while the recruiter will want to move forward with another possible lead which will drive revenue. If delays are allowed to creep in, this enables competitors to take advantage of any delay in delivery. Recruitment software provides the functionality to minimise the amount of time spent on marketing job vacancies and provides a range of tools to ensure that the most suitable candidates are identified as soon as the applications begin to come in.

Promoting vacancies via a range of channels

There are numerous online job boards and social media platforms which reach potential candidates and in addition to these, recruiters will send out email alerts and SMS notifications to pre-warmed or pre-screened candddates. These different communication channels allow recruiters to promote their vacancies to the fullest extent possible.

Increasing your pool of possible hires

If recruiters only have a handful of candidates and a search does not immediately flag up potential matches, you can benefit from a recruitment system which will store all the personal details and experience of quality candidates. If recruiters are presented with a vacant opportunity requiring a skill set they haven’t encountered or dealt with before, the right employment agency software will ensure that the existing candidate pool can be included, in addition to reaching out to new targets. Every recruiter is looking for that hidden gem and fully exploiting modern technology enables the identification of potential candidates at the click of a button.

Employment agency software means recruiters are not overwhelmed

Recruiters who are not exploiting technology will soon find that they are overwhelmed with CVs and application forms. Even if they have a robust and meticulous filing system, this still requires a great deal of searching and reading to find the right candidate. This is an unnecessary overhead in this day and age. In a highly competitive recruitment market, speed and accuracy of response may make the difference in securing that all-important placement and in differentiating your employment agency from the competition.

A recruiter can reap the rewards of employment agency software which will also ensure that any data is secure, safeguarding sensitive client and candidate information.