Why the Summer Holiday Period Doesn’t Have to Be Slow

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It’s that time of year again and both the roads and offices are a little quieter.  The summer holidays are here and this notoriously slow part of the year can be quite frustrating with most teams and HR missing important players for two weeks or more.

BlogOverseas1This can be a frustrating period for those of us who are left behind, and although it has a lot of advantages – cheaper holidays later in the year, a shorter commute, it does mean you end up working during the slowest period and may find there isn’t much to do! This is especially noticeable in recruitment because, even if your own agency doesn’t lose half of its workforce and slow down on projects over the summer, your clients probably will. However, while it may not be business, as usual, this is a good time to catch up on those things that tend to be neglected so make certain you have a plan of action.

New ideas
If you’re in this position, it is a good time to plan and implement any new policies and procedures. This is also the time to trial new ideas while you have fewer roles to recruit for and fewer candidates to find and keep track of. By doing this you will have the chance to properly analyse things, tweak anything that needs tweaking and be ready to steam ahead when everyone is back.

Technology Improvements
The summer can be the perfect time to make any technology upgrades or changes because you’ll have more time to spend on planning the implementation and having everyone get used to using it, without staff having to try and pick it up while also working at full tilt. If you are thinking about adopting new recruitment software, a new CRM system, or adding new mobile apps to your ways of working, then look at the summer as a great opportunity to get these things into use so you’ll be able to really make the best of them once things pick up.

Clean Up Your Data
Another mini-project you can be doing during the slower times is a bit less exciting, but will still pay dividends later on: cleaning up your contact data. Chances are you have ‘potential candidates’ on your contact list from years ago, who are no longer relevant and whose contact information probably doesn’t even work anymore. These records are annoying, but can also skew your idea of how many potentially suitable people are already on your radar when new positions come in.

While the summer may unfortunately be slower for doing your usual thing and finding great people for your clients’ vacancies, if you are planning to be in work throughout the period, rather than being bored and frustrated or slacking off, use the time to do smart things that will pay off later.

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