As anybody who works in recruitment will tell you, it’s a fast-paced field with plenty of challenges. From finding and attracting the best talent, to processing applications and checking CVs, there is plenty of work involved. And with organisations growing ever more aware of metrics such as “time to hire” and “cost per hire”, it’s become imperative that recruiters are able to optimise the process at every step.

Online Recruitment Software in The UK Can Help

Fortunately, the latest developments in cloud computing mean that optimising the process can be simply achieved by any agency. Our online recruitment software in the UK can provide the help needed to boost efficiency and save on costs, whilst being fully scalable and customisable to the changing needs of a growing agency. And for those looking at the use of such tools for the interview and submission stage of the hiring journey, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) delivers many tailored advantages.

The power of a cloud-based software solution can be put to work effectively when it comes to sorting applications and CVs in order to make submissions. Whereas this was traditionally a time-consuming job for agency staff, the latest recruitment software uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in order to automate this task. The software scans data contained in a candidate’s CV or application to see if the relevant thresholds for skills, experience and qualifications are met, sparing the recruiter many valuable hours that would have been spent vetting these documents manually.

Get Better Interview Results

Furthermore, an online software solution can use its incredible cloud-powered processing capabilities to help recruiters to optimise the interview process, too. First of all, thanks to the automation of the applicant vetting phase, you can get the right candidates to the interview stage more quickly, helping to consolidate the “time to hire” metric and reducing the risk of missing out on the best available talent. Recruiters can also gain valuable insights by analysing their applicant to interview ratio, which can help to identify any problems.

Using an ATS is an excellent means of tracking interviews, and can also facilitate video interviews which can be recorded in order to watch back and analyse more closely later. With ongoing developments in this technology, recruiters can look forward to this feature becoming even more useful, with the software gaining the ability to assess an interviewee’s speech patterns, facial expressions and choice of words in order to determine who would make a good hire. This use of the software will also help to eliminate the risk of unconscious bias on the part of an interviewer, which is of course excellent news for both candidates and recruiters alike.

The Perfect Optimisation Tool

It’s evident, then, that choosing the right online recruitment software in the UK is the best way to optimise the submissions and interview process. With the ability to boost efficiency by effectively tracking each candidate, and automating repetitive manual tasks, it’s the smart choice for any forward-thinking agency.