Tens of thousands of businesses leverage the power of LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates to fill vacancies within their teams. In addition to being the leading professional social network, LinkedIn has valuable tools designed to help recruitment teams streamline their hiring process.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter is a robust tool that makes the process of identifying and engaging with candidates even easier via features such as AI-based recommendations, advanced filters, and personalised messages.

LinkedIn Recruiter also enables hiring teams to manage the hiring process in a single location, which makes it easier to review sourced candidates alongside direct applicants. Team members can also be given access to the tool, enabling collaborative methodologies that are likely to deliver more informed outcomes.

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Why does LinkedIn Recruiter stand out from other social media recruiting tools?

With so many social media recruiting tools out there, what makes LinkedIn Recruiter the best option? In addition to delivering a high-quality experience for businesses and hiring teams, LinkedIn Recruiter improves the recruitment process for candidates in several distinct ways.

1. The value of targeted messaging

Candidates don’t appreciate receiving messages from hiring teams that have no context or have very clearly been copied, pasted and sent to multiple prospects. Traditional recruiting methods don’t offer any real benefits in return for recruiters taking the time to personalise messages, which is why LinkedIn Recruiter makes it easy for recruiters to use personalised direct messages to connect with potential new hires.
The tool will show recruiters precisely what they have in common with each individual, including groups and academic institutions. These may seem like very small things, but candidates want to feel seen and as though their time and skillset are both valuable and appreciated by potential employers.

2. The ‘fit’ factor

Most experienced recruiters don’t have any issues identifying prospects with the right skillset to fulfil a particular role, but it can be much trickier to determine whether they will be a suitable addition to the team as a whole. By taking the time to evaluate each potential candidate, you can be certain that you won’t waste the time of those who may not be quite the right fit for your organisation. This enables candidates to focus on communicating with other potential employers where their skills, values and personality are likely to be better suited.

3. Updates and timely engagement

With LinkedIn Recruiter, hiring teams can turn on notifications that will alert them when a prospect updates their profile. This enables recruiters to keep track of a prospect’s progress and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their career trajectory. In turn, this information can be used to engage in a timely manner, thereby providing candidates with the opportunity to take the next step on their career journey at precisely the right time.

There are various social media recruiting tools that can help to streamline the hiring process, but LinkedIn Recruiter clearly has the most benefits for both businesses and candidates.